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Samantha Whidden / Suggest: 40 mins ago
Benjamin VanHoose / People: 45 mins ago
Alison Boshoff / Daily Mail: 45 mins ago
Elana Fishman / Page Six: 75 mins ago
Caroline Blair / Page Six: 85 mins ago
Simon Perry / People: 2 hours ago
V Magazine: 2 hours ago
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Clovis Goux / Vogue France:
Céline Dion talks beauty secrets with Vogue France: “I'm very proud that at 55, I'm being asked to reveal my beauty”
V Magazine:
Mia McNiece / People:
Benjamin VanHoose / People:
Samantha Whidden / Suggest:
Elana Fishman / Page Six:
Caroline Blair / Page Six:
Simon Perry / People:
James Desborough / Telegraph:
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